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Technology at Your Fingertips

Internet, communications and more...

BitWind helps people with technology; understanding it, implementing it, supporting it. Whether it is providing internet solutions or helping your business make clear and educated decisions about it's technology needs, we can help you match your needs with the latest technology solutions. At the end of the day it's about putting the right tools in people's hands to effectively get things done, painlessly.


These are a few of services that BitWind can provide:


  • Internet Service for both residences and business

  • Technology purchase, support and repair

  • Local and Site Networking solutions

  • Video security and automation systems

  • Document digitization and retention

  • Website design and maintenance

  • Web app and mobile app development

  • Point of sale system consulting


Buy Local!

Many benefits to supporting a local business...

Keep your $ close

The closer to you that you spend your business dollars, the more likely it will return back to you! Local businesses like doing business locally themselves.

Onsite Support

No need to spend hours on a phone to a call center in another state or even another country! BitWind lives where you live and we can support you from your device's screen to the internet.

Stronger Community

Strong local support means strong local businesses which, in turn, makes stronger communities, schools and more opportunities!

Put it all together and save on your monthly expenses

Internet with no surprises on your bill

Don't you love those companies that claim to have one low price, but when the bill comes, there are fees and taxes and surcharges everywhere? Not with BitWind! We give you one, flat rate for internet service without all of the hidden charges.

Tune into a new way of watching TV

Over the air, free broadcast TV is good, but now you can get live TV over your internet connection, often for half the price of comparable satellite TV service. Even better is that you don't have to have extra antennas and receivers everywhere.

Ditch the landline ball and chain

You don't have to keep that silly old phone line around any more for internet service. With BitWind, there is no requirement or the expense of having a landline.


We've Come a Long Way

A little about our company...

BitWind was founded by James Nennemann out of frustration with the lack of options for high speed internet service. Prior to 2002, there were no high speed internet services in Fremont County. DSL service from the phone company was years off from being deployed, and there were only expensive dialup internet options available. Through the use of new wireless technologies, BitWind began offering 128k internet service... screaming fast, right? For the time, it was a dramatic improvement and allowed businesses and residences to avoid tying up their phone line for a dialup connection. Later the speed was doubled again and again, and other tiers of service were offered. The technology and hardware improves every year, and presently we can carry gigabit speeds over our network backbone, wirelessly.

Today, BitWind offers speeds comparable to those available from telephone and cable providers, for much less cost. It is also the only company in it's service area to be headquartered and supported from the very place where service is provided.


What People are Saying

Words from BitWind Members

Other companies have tried to lure me away with offers of consolidated billing and 'lifetime' pricing, but I read the fine print and I would much rather stay with a local provider who doesn't use gimmicks!

When I have issues with my computer or internet service, I know that when I pick up the phone, I am getting through to someone who is right here with me and can even show up and help in person. Can't beat that.

Knowledgeable about all aspects of computers and technology. Whether it's smart TVs, streaming video, mobile devices or software, [BitWind] is always helpful in choosing the right solution for the task.





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Tel: 712-266-3138 | Email:

710 Illinois Street, PO 102, Sidney, IA 51652

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